Saturday, August 29, 2009

More beauty from England

Again with an exclusive photo from ArgO as on the previous blog. This is here : The Tortoiseshell Butterfly very common in the UK.
I did a little research on this animal among other information I learned that the striking patterns on the wings are actually for selfdefense. The article from an Encyclopedia said: When the butterfly is frightened than opens up his wings and it is believed that a young predator can be scared away by the bright yellow and striking black pattern . There is always something to learn from the Beauties of Nature!
Unfortunately where I live on Long Island N.Y. U.S. I do not see such beauties. I believe there is just a frantic chase against insects and many little wildlife in order to keep the humans habitation " nice and clean". What about the toxic chemicals to be used for this purpose? That is an other question to be raised.
I am happy that with my blogging I can share some information to you Dear Reader.
It seems that I am slowly but surely progressing in the maze of blogging! Sorry! But for me this is not so easy as it is believed to be. Not at the beginning anyway! Well I am just (a) : Blue Bird :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The peacock and the butterfly

The photos came from England.
Vaumau Times respected chief-editor
Octopus/ArgO sent these exclusive photos from his albums.
Thank you very much and in this blogger study Blue Bird and Ugly Frog happily sharing the beauties of Nature with those who will see this blog.

It is not difficult to find out that the peacock Butterfly was named after the peacock bird fantastic pattern in his tail! Wonder when they meet on the road how do they relate to the names what the humans gave them?
We shall find out about it next time.