Thursday, August 27, 2009

The peacock and the butterfly

The photos came from England.
Vaumau Times respected chief-editor
Octopus/ArgO sent these exclusive photos from his albums.
Thank you very much and in this blogger study Blue Bird and Ugly Frog happily sharing the beauties of Nature with those who will see this blog.

It is not difficult to find out that the peacock Butterfly was named after the peacock bird fantastic pattern in his tail! Wonder when they meet on the road how do they relate to the names what the humans gave them?
We shall find out about it next time.


  1. I believe as a new blog-maker that sooner or later I would deserve a comment from Somebody!
    Ofcourse those somebodies don't know yet that I ( Blue Bird) exist. Now I have to learn how to yell out into the World to the blogger readers that I have a blog worthy to see and kindly tell me how I am doing?
    All right, the blogs are still very much in the state of a beginner's work, but students need encouragement.
    My next step is to find out how to find followers, comment makers and just getting into the community which would recognize me! Is that too much to ask for??????? Hello! Is there somebody out there? Or am I on an island where no humens live?

  2. Thanks for the first comments to arrive! Yes there are FRIENDS out there and I am not on an island to live alone! I will make more bloggs, because this is now what I will do! My Web Site will come off the air!
    Blue Bird ( as publisher) :-)