Saturday, October 31, 2009

Late Fall's colors

The Dahlias are still cheerful bright, but will not last if we would get a little frost!

The decorative grasses are very popular in this area.

Walking in the afternoon sunshine it is a elightful feeling that the air is still so mellow!

The variety of the MUMS as they call it here is
just unbelievable!
One has to think about
those good gardeners who are the creators
of this variety!

The flag was down on this day to remember our Soldiers who sacrificed their life for the Freedom of the World

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Dahlias

This is the major attraction this year:
There are walkways with tiny peppebls to walk around and enjoy every plant blooming for the Beauty of Nature.

Here you can see from a distance how nicely we live in an order as the good gardeners planted us in the Spring.

aturally we have huge size flowers to make you amazed what a Dahlia can be.

This is at the edge of the Dahlia Garden and we nicely blend into the neighbouring trees with the pretty ripe red berries at this time

We are the Pinks so popular in Dahlia Bouquets

We are not so big, not so unusual, but we are also the member of the Fantastic Dahlia Family

Marvel of Dahlias

It is black all right! There were always a fascination about a black flower
From a closer look with lot of sunshine this is the Black Dahlia!

The human manipulations results can be really amazing

This was a more serious looking flower

A lovely pink said Hello! and smiled

The most wonderful garden where I came at the time of the Blooming Dahlias gave me a great pleasure to take some photos and share with those Blogger they come around.

Thanks for the visit.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Here is the little girl surrounded with lot of love.
For the surprise of this day I found a very cute little guest coming to the nursery. She is a girl 8 years old and she is the member of a family. On this Sunday nicely dressed in Scottish skirt she had a mighty success with admiration.

Gourds belong to the Family of pumpkins with an amazing variety of forms and colors.

I went to a nursery where I found what Nature provide in the Fall

Before I go to get some more deco for the house I show you my birdfeeder. This is a place where you can have entertainement or learning serious lectures or watch a fight what ever you wish to see: the birds will provide!

From my garden: the trees before dropping the leaves they put up a most beautiful show of colors!

This is a very popular plant a CABBAGE at this time to decorate your house. It is a mighty creature of Nature, because can last during the winter in the cold weather.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

blogger problem

Unable to make a page as I used to.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

more from the tropics

in the hot-house

when the chill in the
afternoon on a day of the Fall
chase you in the hothouse
the beauties are there to keep you
amazed with the
endless varieties of Plant World

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Walk with me in this Fall 09

Here is the stuff you really want!

There is no color like the pumpkin's!

We are all the beauties of the Fall
Window decoration with gourds and pumpkin at this Fallshow.

Humans are enjoying the warmth of the late afternoon in October.
My product is a sweet pumpkin for the oven to bake it.

An other co-worker creating Nature's beauties.

Yeah, this is what we do!

This is a hybrid mum. The result of human's manupulations.

The variety of colors are just amazing.
This was the first Site
when I arrived
to see
the most beautiful
in this

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ON THIS DAY of a surprise

the sun was hazy and it was very quiet on the beach. Some hungry birds were talking about the good old days of summer when the beach goers gave them plenty of food, but summer was over more or less.
I had my camera all wound up to take pictures even when there is nothing to see.
But wait! Hold your horses because surprise comes as a surprise. Just one couple was sitting near the parking where I got out of the car with my camera in hand. The man waived at me very enthusiastically to come closer to them.
And than the SURPRISE was there in a magnificent most beautiful parrot called the yellow-blue macaw! And was just so big, very friendly and a very loving animal. The Lady was the owner and told me that this was born in this country 14 years ago so he is not "wild". Certainly not, because he was a mighty tender kisser, also would give his "foot" to you to greet you! I could not believe about his unusual kind of behavior! They let me hold him on my arm, he lovingly stepped to my hand and he was very "heavy". Fat bird they said. But his plumage was never seen before deep colored and shiny in good health!

The surrounding seagulls were just admiring the show and patiently waiting for their turn to come. And if you wait, the "thing" will come.
The lovely couple slowly packed up and with "Angel" they started to go home, not far from here.
The patiently waiting seagulls gotten closer to me because they new the camera and with that the coming food.
Took some pics until the loaf bread lasted and than said good by after such an amazing event of the day.