Tuesday, October 20, 2009

more from the tropics


  1. Have some troubles tonight adding a new post the way I'd like to do it.
    Just popped to publish the post, I could not say a word: add text.!
    Certainly blogging has his own mind, does not always do the way I want to do my blog.
    Thank you blogger to let me be as I am here posted by you BLOGGER! :))))))))))))))))

  2. Hi Bluebird

    these are lovely
    the white flower on the large green leaf is a spathiphyllum and the top one is a bat flower.
    Happy days

  3. Hi Delwyn: it is mighty late to answer in a comment, but I think I wrote on E-mail to you.
    Anyway I enjoyed very much your latest blog walking in the wind.... I used to do that too can be fun, can be brutal... Depending on the wind!:-)
    See you in blogs soon! :-)