Friday, September 25, 2009

for today

May be you don't agree with me but then may be there are some humans who recognize the beauty in this animal.
He is very useful beside his delicate beauty. Eating a lot of insects and cleaning up the environment a spider like this should be appreciated.
As I opened the door this morning with this unbelievable grace of the long legs: 8 of them: he was moving across a step where I was going to go out of the house.
Silently and quickly he was just busy going after his business. But as I say: he was quiet and would not tell where was he heading in the morning mist?
I certainly waited until he got out of my way and would not injure those very long legs.
There is a reason to have 8 long legs and I guess there are some researcher finding out about Nature's mysterious creatures like this spider.
For me it was a moment of admiration that he was in perfect shape having the 8 legs moving in proper synchronization. Just think of it: humans have only 2 legs and even only with those 2 they fall and tumble and can be just so clumsy sometimes. Though not only the spider is an animal to have 8 legs,- but we know about Octopus who is a sea dweller and the amazing things what he can do with his 8 body parts and live happily ever after.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Tender love among the members of plants.
Here a skinny red pepper is hugging the beautiful Gourd. ( Just a lucky moment to capture this moment!)
I hope humans in Animal Kingdom will recognise and welcome the facts that there is more LOVE on the face of our Planet as most of the humans would think.
Nature's Beauties are not only in physical appearances but many more times in untouchable forms of spirituality like the expression of LOVE.
This is a Blue Bird's picture to show how plants can love each other. Why not follow this path which is perhaps hidden from many people eyes?

Saturday, September 19, 2009

new beauties

I got again in the mail some Beauties of Nature, but they are not visible. Certainly I can not make a copy of that kind of a photo here. But I tell you what are they: dragonflies. May be I can find some way to show you what kind of an animal that is. First of all it is an insect and they are not very photogenic to begin with. And now I really can not even go for browsing because some reason does not work. This is Blue Bird in total mix up, where is the answer to make a download to my blog?

Friday, September 11, 2009

many more beauties

I am one of them but I am unique and the only one.
My name is..... what ever you call me is all right. My origin is from of a big Family of GOURDS but I am different and that makes me unique! May shape is a most gracious delicate form with gentile lines and my color is a cheerful yellow but have unique patterns on my skirt painted by my Mom Nature! As you see a Member of the family curiously admire my beauty, because she thinks she is similar, but still
I am the unique! There is a conversation on the pic above in the middle of this post to discuss who is the most beautiful in the great big Family of GOURDS but now even other species like apples want to cast a vote!
In a beauty contest there are always emotions flying in high gear and the reality is: winning is not based on merit but only on the fact that I was born to be beautiful. That is the reason for for winning this contest. :-)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Insect Safari

Here are the latest arrivals from England thanks to ArgO exclusive photos! You see here the Painted Lady the first on the left.
In the middle is Speckled Wood a mighty fellow perhaps he is a moth coming and going at night?
The Small white is also called Cabbage butterfly, because she east cabbage leafs before becoming a Butterfly.
Finally this is a Blue Bird Blog. :-)
These blogger people are new on the road and would say many thanks for comments, just any little comments! :-)

Thursday, September 3, 2009