Friday, September 11, 2009

many more beauties

I am one of them but I am unique and the only one.
My name is..... what ever you call me is all right. My origin is from of a big Family of GOURDS but I am different and that makes me unique! May shape is a most gracious delicate form with gentile lines and my color is a cheerful yellow but have unique patterns on my skirt painted by my Mom Nature! As you see a Member of the family curiously admire my beauty, because she thinks she is similar, but still
I am the unique! There is a conversation on the pic above in the middle of this post to discuss who is the most beautiful in the great big Family of GOURDS but now even other species like apples want to cast a vote!
In a beauty contest there are always emotions flying in high gear and the reality is: winning is not based on merit but only on the fact that I was born to be beautiful. That is the reason for for winning this contest. :-)

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