Saturday, November 28, 2009

last thing first

No need to tell you: blogging goes in reversed: the end of the story first.
This "funny" blog really starts at" splendid opportunity" :-)

Thanksgiving note

I made this blog accidentally. I wanted to spend the day quietly, no invitation was excepted. In the afternoon I got the idea to look around town what is happening?
Stores were closed, few people on the streets, but one store was open what was very unusual.
It turned out to be an excellent opportunity to take pictures in a mostly empty supermarket.
Nobody said anything as I was clicking the camera with flashlight. There were no people to bother me. So came the following blog.
No left over dead turkeys were my object, but rather "Nature's Beauties" in the Vegetable department.

closing fun

In this region the Tomatoes are very popular. There is a section in this store only for them.

Finally I took a picture of an isle with nobody in it, the time was just perfect to take these picures.
After my camera was loaded with photos I asked an employee if I could take some photos? The answer was NO.

Well ofcourse not. What harm would do that to anyone or anything?????

So the funny Thanksgiving day was over with a load of photos in my camera.

To begin with I just went out with curiosity only to see what is going on in town? Stores were closed, exept this one which did give me this spledid opportunity to take secretly the pics what really did not make any harm but I could share them with my dear blogger friends!

Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with lots of Vegetables! :-)


To the right are the "magical"

GINGER ROOTS with medical goodness in them. I like ginger bread, but to use them in cooking I guess don't have the proper recipe.


On the left you see the pears in a great variety. This fruit has the ability to ripen with time while they can sit on the window seal as I do that with them. And they are sweet and juicy and delicious in a few days!
On the right you see the apples in all colors of the rainbow. Remember the saying:
" One Apple a day, keeps the doctor away".

rare opportunity

Beauties in a store which was open on Thanksgiving Day. Was unusual, but for me was a splendid opportunity to take pics when very few people are in the store.
Melons at this time of the year already a luxury. But you see there the lovely Persimmons which are from the South ripening at this time. One of my favored!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

in late afternoon

Shadows are growing longer as the afternoon sunshine soon will be gone.

This is a tree ready to go to sleep and has some interesting foliage close to the ground.

Funny little sign made by a garden club. Children with parents come here to do some volunteer work when

planting time comes.


tells you the sign

marking the territory where they work.

These roses are rare in this region as they bloom even when frost is hitting the ground.

This road was created to the Children's Habitat and each stone has a name for the children who are coming here to play.

Monday, November 23, 2009

at the wondereous lake

In a wonderland has to be a lake. I found it not far from where I got out of the car. Really was wonderous with Canadian Geese chattering while swimming on the sunny side of the lake
There were so many beautiful sites I hardly could stop my camera's activity.

On the edge of the lake were big trees standing perhaps enjoying the always present water.

I can not find the words to tell you about this wonderland wondereous lake: in the sunshine with mellow air while listening the distance sounds of the geese discussing their happy life.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

for a change

Just arrived from England a photo exclusive from ArgO.
For some unkown reason he can not get into this blogger world. But I publish his photo and see if we can find out the mystery about his absense?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Look and see

The sunshine was so bright
that was absorbing some of the colors and the air was mellow hugging you with the love
of Mother Earth.
Suddenly the red of dazzeling color
opened just as you turned,
hard to believe that this splendor
is real and touchable

You did not have to hike the peak of mountains
to see what was right there
as you turned from left to right and
the amazing variety of landscape surrounded you.

Now just look down and you were walking in a living painting of Jackson Pollack
as the fallen leaves dripped under your foot like the paint of
the unforgattable painter of Long Island
who lived and died here to leave a memory
for ever.

Just to say: Hello!

Yes humans I am "Angel" because that is what I am and flu from the sky to say Hello! for the Holiday Season to all of the kind BLOGGERS!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

For the birds

If you think that we are well fed because we look fat than you are mistaken.
We have beautiful plumage and we can ruffle a little to keep warm, but we are eager to see you to bring some food if you come to visit our territory

Just look at my eye!
I am very suspicious that you come here to take photographs to show our stunning appearance but if you have no food for us to keep ourselves beautiful remember:
we do not like you!

Yes I got the message! ( I said)
Also I know more about food for you. Though you can go fishing what is best for your diet,
but you are spoiled by humans during summer time
and you just love POPCORN for heaven sake!

You are right human who dare to wear a name
Blue Bird.
The popcorn is all right!
It smells far from the fat what was put on
the corn before you
pop it in the microwave!

You can see ( perhaps) the smile on the face of
that lucky one
who could catch a popcorn
while the others screaming and yelling
pushing each other
because there is never enough popcorn.


Well than! Let's say thank you for the birds
to share their beauty with us
only for a little popcorn!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am busy

It was such I nice day with sunshine for leisure time on this Sunday. I went with the masters to enjoy some relaxation but I always get busy on the beach.
I am trying my best to find the stuff what my master lost and can not find

On this pic I was photographed as I was getting the assignment
You may guess that the humans call me Albino, because
that is what I am.

No pics upload now?

Have a load of pictures from wild birds feeding, but the icon for post a pic does not open. Happened in the past also, but have no way of knowing why are these interruptions?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Before Thanksgiving

This is very frequently done in this town: a most beautiful Chrisantenum will be a base to make a turkey out of it. Thanksgiving is around the corner. You know: the Turkey eating festival.
Wish you a Happy Holiday, but I don't eat turkey and the holiday is for the natives. I don't have that background.
Inside the store the fruits and vegies are waiting for you.

He was the highlight of the day. We don't see like this very often.

Just look at some of the fallen leaves, they are so beautiful.

Love to walk in the fallen leaves. Here is the home of the black squirrel.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Later in November

We fly in the wind as lifts us up and we just have to follow the motion of the current in the air and this is what gives us the wonderful feeling to be a bird.
At the shore life is busy with those birds they make a living from the water, but also good to be around they say, because the human visitors are nice with some supplement food. We love popcorn in butter! This is what we eat right here as the ground is covered with that sweet food of Love.

At his time of the year not only the vegetation changes, but also the aniamals getting ready for the winter if they stay here. This is how you can see now the black squirrels.

I am a black squirrel,-- you might guess the way I look. Call me some times fox squirrel, but I don't know why. I am a little bigger than the nearby living gray relatives, but we don't get along.

from my mail

I got this pic in mail from a friend. Hope not violating any copy right, this blog is not making any money. Blue bird has no commercial interest in blogging. Enjoy this pic of a chimp with a white Tiger Baby.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Honey please

This is the last chance at this time on an unusual warm day at the end of October. Picture is little fuzzy, but still is a photo of a bumble-bee what is the highlight of a day like this in the Fall.

Fortunately one can get a good picture too, just have to wait patiently for the right moment. This is Buzz Dexter
by name of the bumble bee.