Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Before Thanksgiving

This is very frequently done in this town: a most beautiful Chrisantenum will be a base to make a turkey out of it. Thanksgiving is around the corner. You know: the Turkey eating festival.
Wish you a Happy Holiday, but I don't eat turkey and the holiday is for the natives. I don't have that background.
Inside the store the fruits and vegies are waiting for you.

He was the highlight of the day. We don't see like this very often.

Just look at some of the fallen leaves, they are so beautiful.

Love to walk in the fallen leaves. Here is the home of the black squirrel.


  1. Beautiful photos, the Sharpei is precious.

  2. Hi Bluebird, Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog - glad you like the photos. Yours are super too, I really like the fruit and veg store and the autumn leaves. Enjoy your day and have fun!

  3. Hello Dear new Friends: Martha and Elcmae: I am reaching the time to get back to you kind people! I know Elcmae for a while and I go back to see the blogs, may be you don't even know!
    But Martha is new, happy to meet you, so please let me know about your blog URL so that I can find you. May be there is a different name I got to you?
    Thanks very much for your kind comments. :-)

  4. To Elcmae: I posted a comment this morning ( Nov.12.09) to your blog: About the beautiful walk in the park, but never became visible.
    I don't see any comments! Waiting for approuval was the note! Sorry! can't reach you! Blue bird

  5. Beautiful photos, I really like the autumn leaves!

    The little turkey flower is nice :) I know about Thanksgiving, but we don't celebrate it in my country.