Saturday, November 28, 2009

last thing first

No need to tell you: blogging goes in reversed: the end of the story first.
This "funny" blog really starts at" splendid opportunity" :-)


  1. What a fab set of photos. What possible harm could you do by taking them? I can not imagine why they said you were not allowed. Gorgeous colours of nature should be shared and enjoyed by all. Keep up the good work.

    I now have nearly 900 customers so am kept very busy but I am one of the lucky ones who really enjoys her work. I meet lots of lovely people who are able to use me for my sewing and other life time skills. I seem to have days of listening to troubles and giving support to those in need but that's what I am here for. I'm blessed. A x

  2. Hello Ax! Thank you for your kind messages! Got E-mail first, than came to see my blog.
    I wonder how can you manage so many customers? Do you have a shop perhaps with help for you?
    This time of the year in this part of the World people are gathering for good deads.
    May be in E-mail I write to you more details, because with my friends we still have a large E-mail exchange.
    Mainly photos one can send very easily and we all have thousand words to say with one photo!
    Happy that this Holiday is over: I was not born in this country so the Turkey stuff is not my holiday!
    Soon send you more about me, because I am an artist and can really appriciate what you do in addition to be a kind human being!
    God bless! Love J/Bb :-)

  3. Hi Blue bird :)
    Great vegetable photos, and I really enjoyed reading reading. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Heisann!
    Nice to hear from you. I must go to bed now, job early in the morning. Like to read your story tomorrow. Hilde - above, and I live in the same town. Her mother and my sister are friends, but I have never met Hilde- as far as I know, but visit her blog regulary.
    Natta ;:O))

  5. Thank you Hilde! I also visited your beautiful blog with the ice crystals! Great photos! Only would need to enlarge those photos. They are very sharp and would stand the enlargement.
    Thanks for the very good text also!
    Now the Turkey stuff is over and starts the Holidsy Season'd madness! Wow!

  6. Hello Wild and Vakkert! I liked your blog very much, picked it up through Hilde's stuff!.
    Hope we can be come friends, because we have lot in common. I love the wild!
    Thanks for your answer.