Saturday, November 14, 2009

For the birds

If you think that we are well fed because we look fat than you are mistaken.
We have beautiful plumage and we can ruffle a little to keep warm, but we are eager to see you to bring some food if you come to visit our territory

Just look at my eye!
I am very suspicious that you come here to take photographs to show our stunning appearance but if you have no food for us to keep ourselves beautiful remember:
we do not like you!

Yes I got the message! ( I said)
Also I know more about food for you. Though you can go fishing what is best for your diet,
but you are spoiled by humans during summer time
and you just love POPCORN for heaven sake!

You are right human who dare to wear a name
Blue Bird.
The popcorn is all right!
It smells far from the fat what was put on
the corn before you
pop it in the microwave!

You can see ( perhaps) the smile on the face of
that lucky one
who could catch a popcorn
while the others screaming and yelling
pushing each other
because there is never enough popcorn.


Well than! Let's say thank you for the birds
to share their beauty with us
only for a little popcorn!


  1. Fab photos. I really do love watching our birds. A x

  2. Thank you A. Wiposo I visited your blogging yesterday and had to get the dictionary for a word: embellish. Decorate said the dic.
    Now I will make a study: how is felt made? It s a lovely material to work with! And I just adore your creations!

  3. I love the dialog that you've given the birds. Thank you Blue Bird.

  4. Great photos, and I too love the dialog!

    Thank you for posting :)

  5. Thank you Blogger Friends from all over the World! This is the real fun in blogging to get together with interesting experiences and share fun or sorrow, but in anyway it is good to know about each other!
    Thank you Wispo, Martha, Hilde to take the effort and send a note! Perhaps more people read our blogs, but to write a note is an extra"w*rk"
    and not everybody does it for various reasons.

  6. I feed my feathered friends every day and twice a day on cold ones. My very fave is the bluebird and when I'm very fortunate, one will visit. It seems to want to visit because I never see it eat, but it never fails to lift my spirits.

  7. Dear Arcadian: sorry I discovered you message much later but I sent an E-mail to you.
    Winter is coming and here sometimes can be very severe. These birds really needs the human's help!
    Thank you being so nice! Julia/Blue bird :-)