Monday, November 23, 2009

at the wondereous lake

In a wonderland has to be a lake. I found it not far from where I got out of the car. Really was wonderous with Canadian Geese chattering while swimming on the sunny side of the lake
There were so many beautiful sites I hardly could stop my camera's activity.

On the edge of the lake were big trees standing perhaps enjoying the always present water.

I can not find the words to tell you about this wonderland wondereous lake: in the sunshine with mellow air while listening the distance sounds of the geese discussing their happy life.


  1. Beautiful shots - I love the reflections on the water. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a beautiful place. It looks so peaceful, and it's really nice with the Canadian Geese on the water :)

  3. Hello Elcmae and Hilde: thanks for your kind notes.
    These are the last shots in this season because sooner or later winter will come.
    I was dropping everything else and went to this Wonderland when the sun was shining!
    But no sun for a couple of days and I will just spend more time with my PC. Have a nice week and week end. Julia/BlueBird :-)