Thursday, November 5, 2009

Honey please

This is the last chance at this time on an unusual warm day at the end of October. Picture is little fuzzy, but still is a photo of a bumble-bee what is the highlight of a day like this in the Fall.

Fortunately one can get a good picture too, just have to wait patiently for the right moment. This is Buzz Dexter
by name of the bumble bee.


  1. So nice! It looks like summer in your pictures :)

    Here we have had several frost nights plus the first snow fall (which is already gone). It will soon be winter, and we will not be seeing bumble bees again untill early next summer.

    Have a nice weekend :)

  2. Thank you Hagen pa Granheim to stopping by. Here on the East Coast of US in these days we experience an unusual warm spell for several days! This is Nature's blessing! But we had one night frost and that killed the annual plants.
    Fortunately I have lot of evergreens in this garden.
    Just made a new post, come and see and I will go over to your place and see what is cooking in your kitchen,:-) Bb :-)