Saturday, November 28, 2009

closing fun

In this region the Tomatoes are very popular. There is a section in this store only for them.

Finally I took a picture of an isle with nobody in it, the time was just perfect to take these picures.
After my camera was loaded with photos I asked an employee if I could take some photos? The answer was NO.

Well ofcourse not. What harm would do that to anyone or anything?????

So the funny Thanksgiving day was over with a load of photos in my camera.

To begin with I just went out with curiosity only to see what is going on in town? Stores were closed, exept this one which did give me this spledid opportunity to take secretly the pics what really did not make any harm but I could share them with my dear blogger friends!

Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with lots of Vegetables! :-)


  1. Wouldn't it be nice if you could shop like this all the time!! Long empty aisles with no one standing in front of the very thing you were looking for!! A good photo opportunity.

  2. Thank you Elcmae! That is a very rare event to have an isle that empty. May be if you go to the supermarket very early morning, may be can have such an opportubity.
    As you see: it was a rare happening accidently.
    I am not a turkey eater, was not botn in this country and I just had fun with my camera!
    But Christmas is coming and that we all share together! Love: J/Bb :-)

  3. Lovely photos, how I adore empty stores!
    It is much easier to not ask permission sometimes.
    Thank you for your sweet comment, Blessings.