Monday, December 21, 2009

New blog title: NatureTalks

Dear Friends! The new blog Url is:
For the New Year( after the most wonderful event of Winter Solstice) I am UPDATING my blogging.
Nature's Beuties had certain limitations.
NatureTalks has a much broader range for global blogging.
Sorry if this causes inconvenience, but on Internet the UPDATING is very common when they come up with something better stuff.
NatureTalks will tell you much more than just the Beauties!
Enjoy and have a Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


nature's beauties



are linked to:

which will be the main blog after SOLSTICE.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

link to NaturesBeauties

is linked to

Just wanted to make easier to find the blog with the same title and address ( URL) but it does not work.
I will post to the original blog: Nature's Beauties as before.
Also I may create a new blog instead of Nature's Beauties.
It is all about: don't want to loose my followers.
Wonder if this is understandable? Please reply . Thanks.
The two blog is linked now together.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Note to my followers

Dear Friends: I made a change to this Blog!
The title and the address is the same now for easier finding my blog.

The new Postings goes to:

Previousely my blogaddress was:
and the title was Nature's Beauties

The new address and title is the same. Much easier to find a blog.
Because I am new in blogging I did not know the best and easiest way to find a blog.
Thank you for your attention!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Celebration

Hibiscus House is in Palntingfield Arboretum where we enjoyed in October the Dahlia extravaganza.

Sit down, relax and enjoy the beauty.

Christmas in a tropical setting.

Pointsettas can be tall as trees.

The pointsettia in this region is very popular.

Christmas tree among Poinsettias.
Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More flower's Greetings

I don't have to introduce my self:
because I am
a most popular plant for many occasions.
I can be so funny
that I cheer up people even in a hospital bed.!
They call this a macro shot
my most important part

I am really a tree in the tropics
Here in this hothouse
they take care of me,
but soon I will grow through
the roof.

We came two of us
because we like each other very much
They call us orchids.

My white color is so innocent,
that got into with more flowers for greetings
but really I am just a Poinsetta

Bird of Paradise
is my name by the humans
Do you know some places
in the tropics I am just a weed!?

I am just a fuzzy
accidently I got in here
Have a Happy Holiday anyway.

Holiday Greetings

The variety of Pointsettas are amazing in these days
for the Holiday Season
The white is still rare

Reds are the most available

Blue is seldom on the market

To mix colors in one plant is amazing

Reds are getting very sophisticated

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bear time in December

Old man bear wearing on his T-shirt a print of the American flag wants to meet


and little White Bear is introducing him.

Among the ordinary bears came Winni-the-Pooh who certainly is not an "ordinary" bear

When the bear's company is gone

gets quiet in the


It is time to look for a place to sleep, because soon

evening falls on the backyard of the Bear's House

with a chili winter sunset.

This is a very good time for bears

because they love to sleep in the winter!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

night and day

It was early before sunrise. The moon was above my neighbor's house.
I was late. A little earlier the moon was much bigger and lit up the place with bright but still mysterious moonlight.

In the morning the windows were covered with fog.
The outside temperature was cold.
I put some cover at the window seal to keep some cold air out.
It happened to be a beach towel what I bought years ago in Spain. Brought back memories about wonderful warm times.

There are no more leafs on the trees, getting ready to be covered by snow in these days.
But the evergreens keeps the green color going all the time.
Thank God for that. I believe the color of

Saturday, December 5, 2009

holiday spirit everywhere

Busy time for most retail business, but selling live animals is a little different.
Little budgies are popular: does not cost much and a little bird in a little cage...... That is enough!
Birds are made to fly not kept in a cage!
No matter how small a bird is: wants to fly and be free just like you, my dear Reader!

Turtles are excellent model to take photos! I wish I would not do this in a "pet" shop, because I don't see how a turtle can be a pet? Doing what?
Above all: how to take care of them? Where do keep them ? In a box?
In a garden, where can be too cold for them?
After the initial excitement ( of the children getting "presents" ) these "pets" wound up in a place where nobody knows what happens to them.
Many are on the endangered species list facing extinction.
Mostly because of the human's activities..
So much for the "holiday spirit" where live animals are the merchandise.

Friday, December 4, 2009


Finally I got what I was looking for.
First of all: a Friendly store of a Pet Shop!
They welcomed me with my camera and let me go on the difficult road to take pictures of fast moving fish with the glare of a flashlight.
I have done such photo adventure in the past, but not with good results.
Now I had ArgO fish photo to find "company" for that single photo which is a very good pic!
No question: took many many shots, but very few usable pic!
Need more exercise and the store people like it!
The Beauty in our Worlds is that not every body is crazy like in the Supermarket!
( See the blog about the Funny Thanksgiving!)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

toys for children

Snoopy with his Christmas deco and Orang wonder about a dog having antlers coming from his head?
In preparation for the Christmas presents stuffed animals are popular here to give children without the
improper gift of a live creature what is really
not a toy.

Thinking about Christmas

Snoopy ( The dog) and Orang ( The monkey) one night gotten together to make some plans for Christmas.
Snoopy already got some things out of the closet, put it on and woke up Blue Bird.
Well than let's see how does it look a dog with silly decoration?
This photo was taken at midnight. Blue Bird let them see how they look and the animals demanded more pic to take.
See the next post. ( actually will come up before this!!!)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

last thing first

No need to tell you: blogging goes in reversed: the end of the story first.
This "funny" blog really starts at" splendid opportunity" :-)

Thanksgiving note

I made this blog accidentally. I wanted to spend the day quietly, no invitation was excepted. In the afternoon I got the idea to look around town what is happening?
Stores were closed, few people on the streets, but one store was open what was very unusual.
It turned out to be an excellent opportunity to take pictures in a mostly empty supermarket.
Nobody said anything as I was clicking the camera with flashlight. There were no people to bother me. So came the following blog.
No left over dead turkeys were my object, but rather "Nature's Beauties" in the Vegetable department.

closing fun

In this region the Tomatoes are very popular. There is a section in this store only for them.

Finally I took a picture of an isle with nobody in it, the time was just perfect to take these picures.
After my camera was loaded with photos I asked an employee if I could take some photos? The answer was NO.

Well ofcourse not. What harm would do that to anyone or anything?????

So the funny Thanksgiving day was over with a load of photos in my camera.

To begin with I just went out with curiosity only to see what is going on in town? Stores were closed, exept this one which did give me this spledid opportunity to take secretly the pics what really did not make any harm but I could share them with my dear blogger friends!

Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving with lots of Vegetables! :-)


To the right are the "magical"

GINGER ROOTS with medical goodness in them. I like ginger bread, but to use them in cooking I guess don't have the proper recipe.


On the left you see the pears in a great variety. This fruit has the ability to ripen with time while they can sit on the window seal as I do that with them. And they are sweet and juicy and delicious in a few days!
On the right you see the apples in all colors of the rainbow. Remember the saying:
" One Apple a day, keeps the doctor away".

rare opportunity

Beauties in a store which was open on Thanksgiving Day. Was unusual, but for me was a splendid opportunity to take pics when very few people are in the store.
Melons at this time of the year already a luxury. But you see there the lovely Persimmons which are from the South ripening at this time. One of my favored!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

in late afternoon

Shadows are growing longer as the afternoon sunshine soon will be gone.

This is a tree ready to go to sleep and has some interesting foliage close to the ground.

Funny little sign made by a garden club. Children with parents come here to do some volunteer work when

planting time comes.


tells you the sign

marking the territory where they work.

These roses are rare in this region as they bloom even when frost is hitting the ground.

This road was created to the Children's Habitat and each stone has a name for the children who are coming here to play.

Monday, November 23, 2009

at the wondereous lake

In a wonderland has to be a lake. I found it not far from where I got out of the car. Really was wonderous with Canadian Geese chattering while swimming on the sunny side of the lake
There were so many beautiful sites I hardly could stop my camera's activity.

On the edge of the lake were big trees standing perhaps enjoying the always present water.

I can not find the words to tell you about this wonderland wondereous lake: in the sunshine with mellow air while listening the distance sounds of the geese discussing their happy life.