Thursday, December 3, 2009

toys for children

Snoopy with his Christmas deco and Orang wonder about a dog having antlers coming from his head?
In preparation for the Christmas presents stuffed animals are popular here to give children without the
improper gift of a live creature what is really
not a toy.


  1. Like to contribute with this post to the animal welfare by reminding those humans who forget about the animal rights.

  2. Love snoopy. No forgetting animal rights in this house. Our 3 little darlings would shout too loud if we forgot them :-)
    A x

  3. Happy to hear such things what you saying Wipso ( A x).
    Unfortunately I have seen when people bought live animals as toys for their children!
    I think you are making those creations which are really very nice to have without the trouble of a live creature!