Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bear time in December

Old man bear wearing on his T-shirt a print of the American flag wants to meet


and little White Bear is introducing him.

Among the ordinary bears came Winni-the-Pooh who certainly is not an "ordinary" bear

When the bear's company is gone

gets quiet in the


It is time to look for a place to sleep, because soon

evening falls on the backyard of the Bear's House

with a chili winter sunset.

This is a very good time for bears

because they love to sleep in the winter!


  1. Gorgeous photo of the evening sky. I always feel like painting when I see a beautiful sky...but I'm not really a painter and would never do it justice.
    A x

  2. Thank you Wipso your comment. This is not my best blog but thinking of children's toys I was trying to express my view for toys: these are better than a live animal.
    In this country there is a strict low about the abuse of animals and fortunately they can be enforced.