Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More flower's Greetings

I don't have to introduce my self:
because I am
a most popular plant for many occasions.
I can be so funny
that I cheer up people even in a hospital bed.!
They call this a macro shot
my most important part

I am really a tree in the tropics
Here in this hothouse
they take care of me,
but soon I will grow through
the roof.

We came two of us
because we like each other very much
They call us orchids.

My white color is so innocent,
that got into with more flowers for greetings
but really I am just a Poinsetta

Bird of Paradise
is my name by the humans
Do you know some places
in the tropics I am just a weed!?

I am just a fuzzy
accidently I got in here
Have a Happy Holiday anyway.


  1. Wow Bluebird You are a very talented photographer. Thos flowers are gorgeous...even if some are a little suggestive :-) Isn't nature wonderful.
    A x

  2. Thank you for the comment! Human interprations of Nature's creations are always stemming from their own way of looking.
    We use them as symbols to express our feelings because
    we are all Nature's creations!