Sunday, December 13, 2009

Note to my followers

Dear Friends: I made a change to this Blog!
The title and the address is the same now for easier finding my blog.

The new Postings goes to:

Previousely my blogaddress was:
and the title was Nature's Beauties

The new address and title is the same. Much easier to find a blog.
Because I am new in blogging I did not know the best and easiest way to find a blog.
Thank you for your attention!


  1. Hi Blue bird :)
    I love your christmas flower posts below. I have never seen blue and purple pointsettas in my country.
    Will you use the new blog from now on, instead of this one? Of course I'll follow.

    Hilde :)

  2. Certainly I will use the new blog URL, but would have to link to the new one and I have to find out how to do it when I have the time.
    Though the message is clear if anybody wants to comment.
    I also sent some E-mail annoucements, but think the Holiday is where people are.
    Thanks for your kind attention.

  3. It seems to me the new blog address and title the same does not work!
    have to delate the new stuff and just go the old way! :-(