Thursday, December 17, 2009

link to NaturesBeauties

is linked to

Just wanted to make easier to find the blog with the same title and address ( URL) but it does not work.
I will post to the original blog: Nature's Beauties as before.
Also I may create a new blog instead of Nature's Beauties.
It is all about: don't want to loose my followers.
Wonder if this is understandable? Please reply . Thanks.
The two blog is linked now together.


  1. Hi Bluebird, Just catching up after my holidays. Beautiful photos of the pointsettias.

  2. Hi Bluebird. I am able to access buth links ok.
    A x

  3. Hi Blue bird :)
    Sorry about the lack of translation on my blog lately, but I have been busy and tired, so I thought I'd rely on google translation in the meantime.

    My post was a photo challenge, but the google translation was not very good. It was a badger which had been digging up the flower bed in my garden. The badger lives in the small forest outside my house.

    Only two days untill wonter solstice now :)

  4. hello Ladies! To All of you I have to tell: we are experincing a very severe winterstorm! It is going to go on perhaps all night and all day tomorrow~ I wrote some friends on an E-mail also.

  5. Hi Elcmae: nice to hear from you. I knew about your vacation, but now you are home for the Christmas Fast!
    Hope you had a wonderful time, have seen some pics from Cornwall it is a beautiful place!
    Welcome to the "winter time" postings!!!! :-)

  6. Hello Wipso! I just can think of you that the Holiday rush is over soon and you will have perhaps more fun with other things to "play with".
    I mean: not for working for other people but just have fun with fun-things!
    I guess you will get my E-mail also about the strom.
    Love: Blue Bird :-)

  7. Hello Hilde! Hope you don't mind to call you Hilde!
    The Google transaltion is satisfactory for me , something else I did not understand. You know I love wild life and the badger is a very cute one.
    However when I was gardening in the past more intensively I experinced many activities which interfered with my gardening.
    But I learned to find pleasure to live and accept Nature's stuff what gives living place to everything.
    And now I see differently with more peace in mind.