Saturday, December 5, 2009

holiday spirit everywhere

Busy time for most retail business, but selling live animals is a little different.
Little budgies are popular: does not cost much and a little bird in a little cage...... That is enough!
Birds are made to fly not kept in a cage!
No matter how small a bird is: wants to fly and be free just like you, my dear Reader!

Turtles are excellent model to take photos! I wish I would not do this in a "pet" shop, because I don't see how a turtle can be a pet? Doing what?
Above all: how to take care of them? Where do keep them ? In a box?
In a garden, where can be too cold for them?
After the initial excitement ( of the children getting "presents" ) these "pets" wound up in a place where nobody knows what happens to them.
Many are on the endangered species list facing extinction.
Mostly because of the human's activities..
So much for the "holiday spirit" where live animals are the merchandise.


  1. I keep lots of birds but mine remain free to come and go as they please :-) I have to agree with you that they should never be kept in a cage. I have a bird feeder on the outside of the window by where i sew and often sit watching lots of regular feeders just inches from where I sit. Bliss :-)
    A x

  2. Wipso ( Ax) it is amazing how many things are there in a short period of time that we agree on! Would be wonderful if we were not so far in our geographic location. I visited England a few times and I liked it very much. The English landscape nowhere else can be found!
    But now traveling for me is not in the plans. Many reasons and just do not think about it. I am happy to have my computer because there are many friends in there and look forward to the time when I can be with you and with all. Thank you for your comment!

  3. I made some alterations in the text. Somethings I deleted.
    Sometimes saying less, you say more! :-)