Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Look and see

The sunshine was so bright
that was absorbing some of the colors and the air was mellow hugging you with the love
of Mother Earth.
Suddenly the red of dazzeling color
opened just as you turned,
hard to believe that this splendor
is real and touchable

You did not have to hike the peak of mountains
to see what was right there
as you turned from left to right and
the amazing variety of landscape surrounded you.

Now just look down and you were walking in a living painting of Jackson Pollack
as the fallen leaves dripped under your foot like the paint of
the unforgattable painter of Long Island
who lived and died here to leave a memory
for ever.


  1. LOOK AND SEE will continue for much more to come. Photos by Blue Bird with natural copy right! :-))))

  2. Amazing fall photos! Beautiful scenery, and I love the leaves in the last photo.

  3. Thank you Hilda you are very kind to look my blogs and leave a message!
    I enjoy also to come over to your blogs and see some parts of your garden.
    Here mostly plants go to sleep, only if you have a hothouse can you grow flowers.