Saturday, October 31, 2009

Late Fall's colors

The Dahlias are still cheerful bright, but will not last if we would get a little frost!

The decorative grasses are very popular in this area.

Walking in the afternoon sunshine it is a elightful feeling that the air is still so mellow!

The variety of the MUMS as they call it here is
just unbelievable!
One has to think about
those good gardeners who are the creators
of this variety!

The flag was down on this day to remember our Soldiers who sacrificed their life for the Freedom of the World


  1. Your photos are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing them. Thanks for sending me your link. I have added you to my follow list now so I will be able to check out your blog from time to time.

  2. Beautiful photos :)
    Very pretty dahlias, and gorgeous mums, I like the fresh colours.

  3. Hello Hilda! takes time to learn the proper way of communicating in blogging. I am lete with answer, but eventually I will behave better! :-)
    Thank you for your comment.