Tuesday, October 20, 2009

in the hot-house

when the chill in the
afternoon on a day of the Fall
chase you in the hothouse
the beauties are there to keep you
amazed with the
endless varieties of Plant World


  1. This is a short start because I had to leave and shot off the PC.
    The next post is the continuation. Bb. :-)

  2. What a pretty bloom. I wish I had a hot house. It's been very cold here lately.

  3. Thank you Rudee! So you are in Detroit at this time? No wonder you would like to walk around and sit down and knit among the tropical plants! Good idea! Don't think though that I own a hot house! I just went there nearby to take some pics for my blog!
    Here on the East Coast had some nasty cold spell, but today we went back into beautiful Fall nice and mellow! Love: Blue Bird :-)