Wednesday, October 28, 2009

More Dahlias

This is the major attraction this year:
There are walkways with tiny peppebls to walk around and enjoy every plant blooming for the Beauty of Nature.

Here you can see from a distance how nicely we live in an order as the good gardeners planted us in the Spring.

aturally we have huge size flowers to make you amazed what a Dahlia can be.

This is at the edge of the Dahlia Garden and we nicely blend into the neighbouring trees with the pretty ripe red berries at this time

We are the Pinks so popular in Dahlia Bouquets

We are not so big, not so unusual, but we are also the member of the Fantastic Dahlia Family


  1. This is my second publishing from the Dahlia photos. At this time I did the posting in a different way and able the distance in more control than previousely.
    I am still saying: There should be a PRINTABLE, simple tutorial for blogging with text and pictures.

  2. Dahlia's are so beautiful as is this post. Some people do grow them here, but the season is short.

    thank you for your note. Welcome to the world of blogging!

  3. Hello Tammie Lee: thank you for your comment! The Dahlia photos I am using to learn more about blogging.
    It is wonderful to get in touch with people having similar interests.
    To be continued :-) ....>>>>*************