Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Here is the little girl surrounded with lot of love.
For the surprise of this day I found a very cute little guest coming to the nursery. She is a girl 8 years old and she is the member of a family. On this Sunday nicely dressed in Scottish skirt she had a mighty success with admiration.

Gourds belong to the Family of pumpkins with an amazing variety of forms and colors.

I went to a nursery where I found what Nature provide in the Fall

Before I go to get some more deco for the house I show you my birdfeeder. This is a place where you can have entertainement or learning serious lectures or watch a fight what ever you wish to see: the birds will provide!

From my garden: the trees before dropping the leaves they put up a most beautiful show of colors!

This is a very popular plant a CABBAGE at this time to decorate your house. It is a mighty creature of Nature, because can last during the winter in the cold weather.

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