Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ON THIS DAY of a surprise

the sun was hazy and it was very quiet on the beach. Some hungry birds were talking about the good old days of summer when the beach goers gave them plenty of food, but summer was over more or less.
I had my camera all wound up to take pictures even when there is nothing to see.
But wait! Hold your horses because surprise comes as a surprise. Just one couple was sitting near the parking where I got out of the car with my camera in hand. The man waived at me very enthusiastically to come closer to them.
And than the SURPRISE was there in a magnificent most beautiful parrot called the yellow-blue macaw! And was just so big, very friendly and a very loving animal. The Lady was the owner and told me that this was born in this country 14 years ago so he is not "wild". Certainly not, because he was a mighty tender kisser, also would give his "foot" to you to greet you! I could not believe about his unusual kind of behavior! They let me hold him on my arm, he lovingly stepped to my hand and he was very "heavy". Fat bird they said. But his plumage was never seen before deep colored and shiny in good health!

The surrounding seagulls were just admiring the show and patiently waiting for their turn to come. And if you wait, the "thing" will come.
The lovely couple slowly packed up and with "Angel" they started to go home, not far from here.
The patiently waiting seagulls gotten closer to me because they new the camera and with that the coming food.
Took some pics until the loaf bread lasted and than said good by after such an amazing event of the day.


  1. Terrible mix up in the text! So much for the blogger! Blue bird!!! :-( :-(

  2. Hi Julia

    he is a beautiful parrot and they can live very long lives being very affectionate and attached to their owners...

    Happy days

  3. Thank you Delwyn! I had to correct the text, for some reason it was all mixed up.
    Now-- if you wish can read it with more understandable text.
    Blogging is still difficult for me, because the Web-Site builder is much better, easier to work with. Blue bird

  4. What a beautiful macaw and so tame. I love the sky shot too. Elcmae.

  5. Hello Elcmae: Thanks for the comment! Sorry I am late to follow my Followers:-) But I have to learn to handle this way of communication.
    I have seen repeatedly your blog which is very informative and enjoyable!