Friday, September 25, 2009

for today

May be you don't agree with me but then may be there are some humans who recognize the beauty in this animal.
He is very useful beside his delicate beauty. Eating a lot of insects and cleaning up the environment a spider like this should be appreciated.
As I opened the door this morning with this unbelievable grace of the long legs: 8 of them: he was moving across a step where I was going to go out of the house.
Silently and quickly he was just busy going after his business. But as I say: he was quiet and would not tell where was he heading in the morning mist?
I certainly waited until he got out of my way and would not injure those very long legs.
There is a reason to have 8 long legs and I guess there are some researcher finding out about Nature's mysterious creatures like this spider.
For me it was a moment of admiration that he was in perfect shape having the 8 legs moving in proper synchronization. Just think of it: humans have only 2 legs and even only with those 2 they fall and tumble and can be just so clumsy sometimes. Though not only the spider is an animal to have 8 legs,- but we know about Octopus who is a sea dweller and the amazing things what he can do with his 8 body parts and live happily ever after.


  1. Wonderful observation, I never really stop and look closely at spiders, he looks so delicate and beautiful.

  2. Hi Bluebird...
    I have found you finally...

    It is nice to be here and meet Mr Daddy Long legs. Although not poisonous some of them can nip...but they usually run helter skelter on those beautiful spindly legs as fast as they can...

    Happy days

  3. I just found this comment so much later! I just have to learn more and more! But left you note at an other blog! :-)
    Thanks Delwyn!

  4. that's not a daddy long legs, that is a spider.